Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Well its been so good so far;
My bro called to say he was going to buy a Dell pc if it was too much trouble for me to build one (!!!),
So I was up since 9AM and installed a SiS motherboard (mATX) to get the system running, installed my custom instalation of XP to include all the proggies and all and took ages getting the stupid drivers. Typical packard bell unknow crap - sheesh.
Well it was installed and online (56k aol) by 3:30pm, not bad...
Man Utd beat West Brom away 3-0, Scholes got 2 (!!!).
We had a great game of football vs some romainians, but some how the astra field was way overbooked...

Sunday was the 25th Annual Ty-Ga Championships...
But this year was the first time it was the Ty-Ga International OPEN Martial Arts Championships!
Well I didnt take part, but ty-ga greenford walked away with lots of medals and glory!

sensei Markus was up to 2 Gold and 1 Silver by the time we left!

Oh and Arsenal lost again 2-1 to Liverpool (yea!)

Monday was a mission, 9:30 the whole first floor had failed to connect at all to the network...
I had to find a fix real fast, and by 11:45 I started getting machines back online!

Tuesday was time to get those things done which I hadnt had time to like unlocking Brolly and Uub in DBZ:Budokai 3, and getting Super sayain 4 for Goku (!) and SSJ4 Gogeta fight vs Omega Shenron (wow he was mad!).
I unlocked the Dragon arena which is a 1p vs com to build up your custom characters, it looks like fun.

I rebuilt 2 machines and did standard stuff at work, hopefully the fix on the network will hold...

Oh and I got Half Life 2 last week, it looks nice-ish and plays fast but lacks story depth and direction.
All you seem to be doing is running from something or running to something else.. sigh.. maybe 3-5 years later we will get a true sequal...

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Friday, November 26, 2004

Well what a week!

Wow, the week has been VERY busy;
Tuesday, I was on my own for the morning and decided to get down to finish business with the laptops.
They are going to the Senior Solicitors, I dropped of one that was built by John to the first Solicitor - lo and behold it didnt connect! What a way to start off as an IT man...
I took my laptop to Solicitor #2 and It worked like a charm.
Took laptop #1 back upstairs and tried to get it to work, no luck so I left it to John.
Well in breif the wireless aspect of the network is the most advanced yet the most problematic, with the whole 1st floor WiFi'ed, the top floor is wired.
I learned that if it works dont touch it, and if we dont know what this option does leave it well alone, and keep trying to reconnect to the wireless network as its bound to work!
Main prorities for my new manager:
Get me my own KEY for the Server room! yey!
Get me my own Phone! and a cordless one too! yey!
Get me a newer PC! YES!!!
I have my own 2 direct outside lines now :-)
And a snazzy 17" monitor and WindowsXP.
Anyways Johns last day was wenesday, and Thursday all hell breaks loose as nothing is holding up, ending up with the main domain controller which controls printing freezing up due to lack of memory.
It needed to have the plug pulled and restart, LOL
Working on a variety of problems Thursday and Friday so I only just got time to post.
BTW the damn builder moved the TV and broke the PS2's network adapter (no hard drive games now), and the scart lead- curses!
So now PS2 this week till play.com deliver it for £17.99 with free P&P.
Mind you that 45£ for the LOTR special edition Box Set out december will be fab.
The Electric fuse box is installed at home, washing machine works, and the downstairs heating.
And the Jacuzi! So the builder benefitted from the good old "pay him a home visit" to remind him that he might die at home if he tries to con us...
Man utd won convincingly (wow) 2-1 vs lyon to garuantee qualification to the next round.

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Monday, November 22, 2004

Monday morning...

Well you know its monday when you have only had 6-7 hours sleep in the last 3 days...
Saturday was busy, went fung lung to buy a box of quick cook noodles, then went on to the high road and met up with my sister and shopped and had breakfast.
Got home and chilled, 'tried' to get my brother's PC that I was building to work...
No go :-(
Anyways football in the evening was a stonker, 7 vs 7 for 3 hours flat,
We looked firmly level when all of a sudden we fell behind by 4 goals, we got back in and won the game comfortably even only by 2 goals which didnt do it justice.

I was wisked away on a long journey to Burnley next day, which was a mission getting back from next day.

I found out the USA Version of DBZ:B3 differs to the PAL version.

Monday was back to work. I was tired and my new manager - John - didn't indicate when He will be in...
1:30 hours later we get down to business, I make notes while he briefs me on the network and IT infrastructure,
And I help out installing our custom laptop image to one of the new laptops.

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Friday, November 19, 2004

Work, Work, Work

Well Friday is amongst us again...
Wenesday the finance team (which includes me) stayed late to process more legal files for billing this month as we are puching towards our friday deadline and we want to get maximum out of the current lot as possible.
Stayed over 3 hours and a very nice thin crust pizza from the red planet pizza shop.

Got home to see England get played and racially insulted off the park in Madrid, losing 1-0 to Spain.

Thursday more of the same, billing, billing, billing, we are on to 75,000£ 10Gs up from yesterday,
I get a short put deadly email from the CEO, he wants a meeting tomorrow to discuss a 'personell' issue....

Friday Im looking for Mini ITX stuff (anyone recommend anything?). The CEO postpones the meeting till tonight, but assures me it's something positive not negative (and that means?), well thats good. Billing starts to happen as poor Mohammed starts to enter the figures onto the online LSC Entry thingy, taking 3 hours to enter 5 sheets (he will be in this weekend!).
Well, I really want to get HalfLife 2 but I have to hold out till I get some real money

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004


After much rambling with Ebuyer about their eReturns and also also their hopeless eNotes system
It was nice to see them backpedal and announce the fact they have massive problems and hope to have them sorted byXmas time!
I suppose a few calls and letters to Trading Standards never hurt :)
Heres what happened:
1. Bought Corsair Memory (Twinx1024MB 3200-LLPT LoLatencyPlaTinum) with lifetime warranty
2. One module has gone faulty, file a eReturn with eBuyer (about a year later)
3. Send memory back
4. They send me an inferior product (C2PT not LLPT)
5. I complain and send it back
6. They Credit the difference (about 50£) as a credit note (why?) and send it back again.
7. I refused delivery and specified that they give me a whole refund to my card as per the Distant Selling Act
8. They give me a full refund as a credit note (oh my god, they dont learn)
9. I email Trading Standards, and complain again.
10. I buy a XLPRO memory from them (more expensive) but lose out 20£ as it is more expensive from eBuyer.co.uk compared to Komplett.co.uk

I was looking for UV LED Fans today, 99p at eBuyer, not bad...
Might pick up a new iron as well as my wifes always complaining about that cheap one they bought from Argos....

I got one splitting headache, was all the Budokai 3 I played last night,
Beat they game with Gohan (Adult), Maxed his health out and got his breakthrough,
Beat they game twice with Vegeta, Maxed his power out and got his breakthrough, first time I've ever seen his SSJ4!!
And Freiza's Brother...

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Well I most frustrated last night,
I was playing DBZ:Budokai 3, and I was onto Adult Gohan Story Mode, But then I got stumped on the Super Buu fight,
He was just way to strong! You couldnt pull off a move without him dodging it mid way through.
After like 20 tries, I decided to go back and level up my player, I did about 10 level ups and was looking in fine form when the game froze! Damn it I didnt even save!

Well thats the perils of using a hard drive for games fr extended periods of time.

I went on to play WE8 (Winning Eleven 8 - Japanese Pro Evo 4), and got beat by Aston Villa, So I tried again and beat them then I got beat by Feyernood (no way) so I turned the PS2 off.

Im into season 2011, and my star players include some classics which Ive been growing since they turned pro:
De Stefano - Good Stamina (Classic)
Hugo Sanchez - Good Speed (Classic - But he was crap when I got him)
Bresi - Quick CB (Classic)
Beckanbuaer - Good CM (Classic - developed him from Sweeper)
Sakata - my top scorer since season 2005 (Japan Under21 squad)
Ronaldo - getting old
Martins - Useful but getting older
Buffon - aging abit

Not the explosive start this season but I need to settle into a regular first 11.

I got Karate tonight, Parv comes back so should be some fun!

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Monday, November 15, 2004

Almost There...

Well I added in my UV Reactive PSU connectors and the Cold Cathode Lights I got,
Only to find I could fit one of the 2 12" lights :(
Also that they didnt ommit ANY UV!! So Now I need aUV light.
Worser still the remains of my last PC I was putting together for my Bro, now that wont work either!!

Well At least Budokai 3 is a good game, a shame theres not much story in the story mode :)
The dodging and teleporting makes for a close fight every time, and you can level up your fav fighter.

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Friday, November 12, 2004

Things are looking up...

I am a step closer to owning a completley upgraded PC now, with the arrival of a Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro Ex, Neon lights for my case, and a pair of memory sticks namely Corsair TwinX1024MB PC3200 XtraLo Latency PRO version with the LEDs !.

That adds to my current inventory:

CoolerMaster Preatorian Black ALU Case
CoolerMaster Arcylic Side Window Panel
Enermax CoolerGiant PSU
Sony DW DL 16x DVD Writer
IceDock IDE HDD Mobile Dock
Scan LED 120mm Silent Fan
3.06GHz S478 Pentium 4 "Presscot" 1MG L2 Cache
35GB WD Raptor 10,000RPM SATA HDD
All above from Scan.co.uk

Zalman CU Exhaust CPU Fan (Ebay)
200GB Seagate Barricuda SATA (Ebay)
2x UV Reactive Blue PSU Connector Kit (Ebay)

MSI Neo2 Platinum (i865 SATA, USB2 Dual Channel, etc) (PCWorld - Price matched to Scan.co.uk)
Logitech MX1000 Laser Mouse (PCWorld - Price matched to Scan.co.uk)
Abit Siluro FX5900 ULTRA OTES (Needs upgrading) (PCWorld)

Creative Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro (Ebuyer)
Corsair Twinx1024-3200XLPRO (Ebuyer)
120mm x2 Blue Cathode Tubes (Ebuyer)
MACE Behind head - Headset+Mic (Ebuyer)
Ebuyer 120mm to 80mm fan converter (Ebuyer)

Expect Reviews soon

Note: No Floppy drive, I Use a Leadtek 128MB USB Stick

I now work at a Solicitor's firm as a Finance worker, Good stuff :)

See you after I install this soundcard and play DragonBall Z:Budokai 3 off my PS2 Harddrive!!!!

Tutorials and Reviews to Follow, including my gloating of owning for 6 seasons on 6 star difficulty on Winning Eleven 8 (Pro Evo 4 to you guys) :) :)

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