Monday, June 21, 2004


Boring game of football on Saturday, we got thrashed and dumped all in one game :(
I happened to miss a excellent game of football as Holland crash to Czech Rep. 3-2 in Euro 2004

On Sunday I had to go to the office and check up on Anuj, he taught me a few things about factoring and bank reconciliation in sage.

Watched some more footy, and Portugal beat Spain 1-0 to beat them to a quarter final place which will be against England, who on Monday completely trashed Croatia 4-2 (Thanks Rooney!) to set up a sensational prospect on Thursday.

Parv was still abit ill Monday, and Monika was cheesed off, I started work on Bank reckon for an IT Company.

Not much else of interest save for the footy :)

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Saturday, June 19, 2004

The Weekend

Hard day at work yesterday...
Too lazy to do anything :)
Had to finish entering all those invoices into Sage (yawn).
Parv had too much heyfever (: so we both left abit earlier.
Watched a good game of football, Italy v Sweden in the European Championships 2004 in Portugual.
Italy was class for 50 minutes then Sweden pulled level at the end with the cheekest goal Ive ever seen in international football level.
The ball was loose in the box after a corner, and Ibrahimovic got infront of the keeper, and with his back to goal flicked the bouncing ball off the outside of his right boot, over everyone including the hugh Nesta in to the net!

Today I went to Focus to return the kitched we originally ordered, Parv is still ill. Ash called me in to link up with Anuj, but both of us are abit busy, so we will meet tomorrow.
I got to chat to Zesh after a long time (he was at Uni), and also had a chat with Mukta, whose Dance graduation is the same time as my cousin's wedding, so I will have to choose who is more important!

Getting people together for football practise tonight, hope it goes well, Norm is injured, Ayub and Dan are still studying for exams.

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Thursday, June 17, 2004

The Office

Here is Monika thinking she is the Boss :)

Here is Parv on his nice iBook

Here is my crappy HP PC that I am using

And special guest appearance by the bosses little brother!

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Ash walks in on the phone (as usual)at about midday,
Monika walks in moments later on her phone too :|
Boy she can talk, pushing more polish words through that Nokia 3300 of hers then I can scoff chicken wings.

Finally got this blogging thing working properly :)

Starting getting my invoices and Taking sheets together for the company whose VAT return I'm working on.

Me and Parv are leaving in a few hours to make the England game on time.

Ash is gone to JEM in south London (stayed approx 5 minutes in the office).

Asif has hijacked Monika to get his new house sorted out, so its me and Parv again.

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The Punch

Back to Work today.
Feels like yesterday hasnt ended and we are still in the same 24 hours...
So much frigging work to do today that I had to bring in my own hole puncher since the one at work is so naff.
Still waiting for my nice personal organiser phone to get unbarred, I will probably do these blogs from there on the bus home :)

Monika doesnt seem to be overly bothered to work today, she still hasnt turned up yet.
Ash is never hear on time BTW as boss he likes to turn up midday ish, not that it ever matters.
Parv is working on his Great iBook, very slick thing, abit too small for my eyes :P

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