Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hmm, I take that back Alex..

Alex and Adecco
Seems I was wrong about him, he called me on Monday to confirm that Situp had authorised this Thursday and Friday off so I can rest in peace, or peices since I will be working this weekend that makes a continous amount of 15 days working or at training!

World Cup
Its hitting the nation now, and I really wish I could skip/quit work so I could enjoy all the live football... Look out for Korea and Japan this time around - they have more european estabilished players now too.

James Thornton
We start the Exchange module this week, 2400c for those who know the numbers.
The morning and afternoon class have been mixed up and split between Alvin and another teacher - Naz.
Me and 4 others and shifted to Naz (Including Dave), Bloody sauna in his classroom I must admit.

Everthing Else
Finished watching my new DVD "Final Fantasty VII: Advent Children", a very good buy for 10quid.

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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Slight Change of Plans..

Situation at Sit Up

Seems Alex is getting abit lazy, he hasnt heard from HR at Situp and cannot chase them up(what the hell?) and with me not scheduled to be in anyway next week - according to their scheduling system - Alex wants me to just not turn up next week and hope hell doesnt freeze over. Somehow I think it might work, but its not the way I wanted to do this.

Anyways this week has been awfully slow, but I am becoming good friends with Dean and Shaun, so there is some good in all this after all.
I actually bid on an Iron on the website and got it for 21 quid plus 7.99 postage (!) so I am officially on the board with my first purchase (yey!).

Manga and more Manga

The biggest single peice of news for me this week was the amazingly flukey discovery that someone out there has a heart and God is listening - Inuyasha is still being scanned online and translated by fansubs! I found a good site that links to all newly released Manga that is online


Which sounds releated to the much similar www.baka-updates.com which deal with Anime releases. Although I have missed out on about a volume since the end of Volume 45 (missed out on about 6 chapters)this is going to be great news and I hope groups continue to release this stuff as Viz who are doing the licensed translation are only on something like volume 27 or something, and the Anime finishes about volume 35 or something.


Finally we finished the Implementing Server 2003 infrastructure - and boy I hate it! I am way off the pace and have bought some much needed "exam cram 2" books to cope with the load. Next week is Exchange and its 9-5 and we will be mixing classes! So me and David will be in the same class!

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