Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hmm, I take that back Alex..

Alex and Adecco
Seems I was wrong about him, he called me on Monday to confirm that Situp had authorised this Thursday and Friday off so I can rest in peace, or peices since I will be working this weekend that makes a continous amount of 15 days working or at training!

World Cup
Its hitting the nation now, and I really wish I could skip/quit work so I could enjoy all the live football... Look out for Korea and Japan this time around - they have more european estabilished players now too.

James Thornton
We start the Exchange module this week, 2400c for those who know the numbers.
The morning and afternoon class have been mixed up and split between Alvin and another teacher - Naz.
Me and 4 others and shifted to Naz (Including Dave), Bloody sauna in his classroom I must admit.

Everthing Else
Finished watching my new DVD "Final Fantasty VII: Advent Children", a very good buy for 10quid.

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