Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A update finally

Been a pretty nice month all round.

Albeit losing to Chelsea in the FA Cup final put a downer on the title celebrations for all United fans.

Smallville has finished for Season 6, I will get an review ready in the upcoming week.

I finished Final Fantasy XII so expect shots/videos and a good in depth review.

Going to have some retro reviews looking at some of the games available on the Virtual Console on the Nintendo Wii.

I got my England v Brazil ticket in the post today, damn shame I couldn't get 2 tickets together.

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Monday, May 07, 2007

Championes Championes, Ole Ole Ole!

 Continuing on the celebrations from yesterday I have some links to post:

Sky's coverage after the Arsenal draw (including Morinho, Sir Alex and co reaction as well as a video): 

BBC's report on where and how United won the title:


On a side note, tomorrow sometime I will be posting a review for Smallville Episode 20, Bleach catch up review and also news about the new 6 aside competition we have entered.


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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Manchester United - Champions!

Manchester Utd completed a monumentus comeback to reclaim the Premiership title for a record 9th time this afternoon after Chelsea failed to beat Arsenal (1-1 at the Emirates Stadium).

At the start of the campaign people didn't rate United as title contenders because their failure to bring in a replacement for Ruud van Nistelrooy (who was sold to Real Madrid in the summer) and Roy Keane (who left United midway through the last season). Their only outfield signing was debatable Michael Carrick, who now is a regular first team player and a perfect partner for Scholes, and the emergence of Ronaldo and the late show from Rooney and the return to form of Giggs and Scholes!

More coverage and views over the week as United visit Chelsea this Wednesday and West Ham over the weekend.


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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Digg attacked by the people!

In a bizarre incident at Digg.com took place yesterday.

Seems the HD DVD DRM/encryption has been cracked due to a key which was leaked from the film industry. Following this a story appeared on Digg yesterday which included the code included in the key (something of a hexadecimal number). Fearing the wrath of the MPAA (Group that safe guards the interests of the Movie industry - much like the guys who come after you if you download MP3s - RIAA) Digg removed the story which became the catalyst to a community backlash:digg story

Hundreds of post appeared from users all including the cracked HD DVD key in them. At first I thought Digg had been hacked, but it looks like people retaliated making sure this DVD Key stayed in the public domain.

Seems Digg has bowed to the pressure and claims people would "rather see us go down fighting" than bow to the pressure of the big movie makers.

Interesting that "people power" has kept Digg.com free from influence of American conglomerates.

Read more here at GigaOM:



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