Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Lazy Lazy

Played at Astro on Saturday. Beaten 4-3 I think.
Far too many players - 8v8, I didn't play good either.

Went to work Sunday night, when I came home I watched Episode 1 of Lunch Queen (Lunch no Joou) and I liked it. A star studded cast where you get to see the likes of Yamada as a youngster (filmed in 2002) and the lead women is very kawai too, so I will watch the rest of the series for sure (hard subbed by SO).

Also a new series I have started watching is My Boss, My Hero.
In this series a Yakuza(?) Boss's first son (who is destined to take over the gang/clan soon) keeps making major blunders at deals because he is dumb - yes he flunked school and can barely count or read. 
So as a ultimatum from his father he has to retake his senior year of High school in order to be qualified to lead the gang.

The lead is constantly reminded of his lack of IQ by his class mates but keeps trying to learn driven by his dream of being the boss of his gang.
What keeps this first episode funny is his natural reaction to certain situations - sometimes he switches to gang mode and baffles everyone!

Today I am going to watch the last episode of this season's Prison Break 2. Will Lincoln and Schofield get away from Mahoney? Will Sarah learn her Father's Secret in time to save Lincoln? What will happen to T-bag, Belleck and that ex army dude?

Got some training session tonight organised by my Physio (Yawn), can't be bothered to revise either (revise or study?).

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