Thursday, April 26, 2007

Prison Break - The End?

Season Finale!

Well I thought this would be the end of the line for Prison Break but it seems those executive producers at FOX have decided that they want to make a 3rd series (WHAT??) and somehow the writers have shoe horned in everything into the last episode!

I was left gasping for air when I realised what had actually happened in the final episode - not because it was so good, but because it was totally unbelievable. Schofield goes head first (no thinking involved) to try and save Sarah. Instead they lose the money, the boat and their freedom.

The only winner is Lincoln who was cleared of killing the ex president's brother and Kellermen looks like he has been killed off by the company.

Somehow we are lead to believe that Schofield has been experimented on and that now he has been thrown into jail he will attempt to escape simply because "its in his blood".

Schofield is thrown into "Sona" a prison that is so lawless that even the police do not dare enter. We see Mahone and Schofield enter and we see Bellick on the floor with barely any clothes on completely disfigured by the animals (or criminals) in the jail.

Who know what is in store for series 3 but I am not that interested for the time being.


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