Saturday, March 17, 2007

J-Dorama Alert: Spring 2007

Upcoming Drama series:

Jodan Janai - which simply means Don't Joke or Not Joking stars Oda Yuji, who is back in J-Dorama for the first time since Last Christmas 3 years ago. This series starts airing on the 15th of April so still awhile to go. One thing to point out is the theme song will be sung by Oda himself(again??), he usually records some tracks for his shows (Last Christmas, Odoru Daisousasen, etc). Hopefully the show - which is a comedy of course - is as good as his previous outings, fingers crossed.

Hotelier is a show starring Ueto Aya (Ace wo narae, Attack No 1, Shimokita Sundays) has a Manager at a Hotel that is being taken over by a rival businessman. Plot details are sparse but Ueto usually lights up her shows so this is worth a watch - at least for episode 1.

Jikou Keisatsu is back for a second season! Starring Odajiri Joe who is a Civil worker at a Police station who has a hobby of solving crimes that have passed their legal time frame (statute of limitations - strangely enough in the USA their is no time limit on murder cases...) and his assistant Asou Kumiko. What excuse will Kumiko have for sticking with Odajiri this time? There is no wedding certificate now, surely.
First series was an interesting if not slow watch - but 2nd series should be improved, I hope.

Proposal Daisukusen (Proposal Strategy) stars Yamashita Tomohisa (Dragon Zakura, Kurosagi, IGWP, Lunch no Joou etc) alongside Nagasawa Masami (Dragon Zakura) and this seems to be a bizarre go back in time and make the right decision type of story but if its got Yamashita in it then its gotta be worth watching!

Ichi Rittoru no Namida - 1 Litre of Tears: seems Sawaijiri Erika is going to be back in a one of special for this series (not confirmed yet), but the series was a classic (according to about 99% of viewers) so this is a must.

I have missed out much of the Winter schedule but I will start catching up as the hard subs start to emerge.

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