Friday, March 16, 2007

Samsung NV10

Wow, been a while since I last posted, allot to talk about but lets start from the day before I went to Manchester.

I got the Samsung NV10 camera and went to unbox the thing, here are some shots of the packaging:


And the cables etc inside:


Notice the charger seems to be just a plug, more on that later. Now the camera itself:


It has a light metallic body and fits naturally into your grip. The rear of the camera has a large LCD and touch sensitive buttons along the sides of the screen, these also act like scroll bars meaning you can move you thumb along the buttons to scroll through pictures/options etc:06032007072

Notice the Dial to select the shooting mode, the silver button is the shutter and the smaller button is the power. The flash pops up from to top too:


Note here is the interface socket on the left and on the right is the Battery and SD card slots:


Here is the charger which connects to the USB cable supplied with the camera! So basically this camera will charge from any USB socket:


First impressions:

It takes a while to get around the menus (getting used to the touch buttons is tricky), but there are allot of options to explore here for the pro-sumer. The camera is small and light and is easy to take with you to a football match(!). Expect future pictures to be taken from the NV10.


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