Friday, June 08, 2007

Another cooking Jap Drama - Bambino!

bambino ep1

Matsumoto Jun (Hana Yori Dango, Gokusen) plays Ban Shogo - an over enthusiastic young assistant chef who works part time at his local family restaurant while at university. He is arrogant and wants to promoted to a full chef but the head chef recommends he move from the small town to Ropponji in Tokyo where he can work under the head chef's training college at a  popular Italian restaurant as a helper.

The head chef tests him early and puts him in charge of Pasta, but fails miserably. The favourism he is shown by the head chef turns everyone in the kitchen against him - with all colleagues betting he wont last even a day. He gets put under the charge of Katori Nozomi played by Sato Ryuta who doesn't take long to knock seven shades out of our "pretending to be too great" main star. But Ban comes back for more and earns the nickname "Bambino" because he is like a infant deer and needs supervision (Bamby - Italian for baby deer?).

Jun does well to portray his usual character and a good scene is when he steps into the kitchen at his new work place and is stunned (see picture), he is even more blown away by the pace and intensity when the orders start coming in. The cast are all mostly known figures (not starring ones like Jun) and there isn't much to judge them on yet. I seem to be a fan of the cooking type of drama (Lunch no joou, Teppan Shoujo Akane, etc) and I enjoyed this and will be watching it very closely.

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