Friday, June 15, 2007

Joudan Janai Episode 1 Summary

Jodan Janai Ep1

Oda Yuji is back with a BANG!

D-Addicts Wiki Entry

Oda Yuji (Odoru Daisousasen, Last Christmas) back as Takamura Keita - a 40 year Computer Design Technician who is hitched up with a 20 year University student Ellen (Ueno Juri - Nadame Cantabile) who fly off to France to visit Ellen's parent's and seek permission for Marriage.

Keita bumps into his ex girlfriend from his University days, Hirose Rei (Ohtake Shinobu) while in Nice, France. What he didn't know that when he meets Ellen's parents, Rei is her Mother!

Still going ahead with the marriage Keita shows an awkwardness towards Rei and if new ever got out that he used to date Ellen's mother all hell would break loose. The episode ends with Rei returning to Tokyo and staying unannounced with the newly weds. Seems like she is out for revenge and wants to be the thorn in the pair's marriage.

As typical of Oda's previous Drama outings, this is filling with great little comic moments in amongst the crazy script and wonderful cast.
A couple of noteworthy mentions are Ueno Juri looks wonderful and looks to be the up and coming j-tv actress for 07/08, and also Oda Yuji has aged quite a bit in the 4 years since he last did a drama!

The Subs are only up to episode 4, lets hope it continues to progress. As usual all the subs and stuff are over at D-addicts.


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