Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bleach 138-139 Summary

bleach 139

Finally things are back on track.

Aizen sends his espadas arrancar to earth accompanied by Grimmjaw.

The Soul society goes into red alert and Rukia heads back leaving Inoue to come back later.

Ichigo is also allowed to leave; he meets up with Grimmjaw and explains how that he has changed in one month.

One espada is missing, Aizen has sent him on a special task which we are yet to find out, but it seems Aizen is able to awaken the Hoguko just for a short time 2 months before schedule.

The quality was better and the pace was top notch too.

I am looking forward to this week's since there is no Naruto to watch till next week.

This week it finally happens, the Arrancar finally go after Inoue while she is in between the real world and the Shinigami world.

Ichigo pulls on his Hollow mask and acknowledges that he will have to beat Grimmjaw in 11 seconds, and proceeds to decimate him but just before delivering the final blow his mask cracks and breaks off, giving Grimmjaw the chance he needs to get some hits in on Ichigo.

Hitsugaya tries to stop one of the 3 other Arrancar from releasing his Zanpaktou and promptly gets backside kicked. 1 released Arrancar Espada is enough to handle the 3 remaining Shinigami.

Urahara arrives just in time to free Matsumoto from the Arrancars grip on her, but is instantly attacked by the newest Arrancar (created by Aizen at the start of the last episode).

There are just 2 Shinigami escorting Inoue to the real world when suddenly the Arrancar that was missing enters the Dimensional gate and kills off the Shinigami and orders Inoue to come with him or he will kill off her comrades – he shows images of Hitsugaya, Ichigo and Matsumoto getting beat down.

Finally Bleach has come out of reverse and is looking like value for money – shame the episodes are just too short.

There was no preview this week – possibly to hide Inoue’s decision or to hide something big from next week!!


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