Friday, November 09, 2007

Long time no post...

Hello Folks.

I haven't posted anything in a while.


Simply because I haven't been bothered!

The J-Drama seen has dried up a little - some not so hot series are being aired this Winter (or Fall, I can't remember) and I am just waiting for Hard subs to arrive (I have run out of room for 700MB an episode and just sticking to 300MB subbed ones).

What's in store this month?

I am going to be doing an Unboxing and review of the new Nokia N95 8GB exclusively on the Gadget Igloo.

There will be no more waiting for Sars to released the IWGP Special (yes it is out - 2 hours worth! But shoddy quality...), but there are only 3-4 episodes of Life out so far? What about Hotaru no Hikari? Hard subs haven't finished yet. And the hard subs for this season are crawling away (Yukan Club and Galileo the only ones to note at the moment).

So really there isn't much to report - maybe the return of PRISON BREAK (YES!!!) and SMALLVILLE (NOOOO!), as well as the demise of Bleach and the rise of Naruto!

So there is something to shout about this month!
See you soon.

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