Sunday, November 11, 2007

Abareno Mama Preview Episode 1

Abereno Mama 01

Wiki entry @ D-addicts

Ueto Aya (Attack No 1, Ace wo Nerae, Hotelier) stars as Ayu in this family comedy about a new wedded couple, where the man from a previous marriage has a child which he didn't tell Ayu about and arrives one morning at their doorstep.

The infant gets enrolled via recommendation into a top kindergarten with rich parents and intelligent kids. Aya being from the country and working with husband Oizumi in their house/hair salon finds her self like a fish out of water and doesn't except the child into her life at first. But by the end of the episode she is willing to give it a try.

Cue weird neighbors, parents and children in what turns out to be a pretty warm funny drama. One line hit home was the story scene when they got married and the narrator says "and so opened the gates of Hell"!!

Hard Subs are from WAEI-Subs if your interested. I will keep an eye out for these - I don't think they will be released in a hurry this season.

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