Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ikebukuro West Gate Park Special

Bukuro Saiko!

Ikebukuro West Gate Park Special

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Makoto is back in the 2:11 hour special (although there are some songs which account for around 15 minutes), things have moved on some 3 years later and Makoto is now homeless as his Mum sold out his shop to a building company. Reluctantly he gets dragged into investigating a suspected "Bone smasher" - someone is putting homeless people to sleep and then proceeding to break their bones.

Alot of the cast have changed appearance wise (original series came out in 2000), Hikaru and Yamai the main culprits - unrecognisable at first. While Makoto, Takashi, Ritsuko, and other main protagonists haven't aged much.

In between finding the culprit, we get to see a Ramen related gang war, Makoto's real father's history and some bits of humor.

There are typical scenes which made the original series funny and the same feel is translated to the special. What might be missing is the real raw street feel you got in the series with locations like the police station, the train station, hostess club thingy, hotels, shops and of course Makoto's home.

Generally its a nice addition and welcome progression to the original series - a must watch if you have seen the original IWGP series but decent viewing even if you haven't.

I would give it a 6.5 out of 10 - not killer material like the original series.

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