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Smallville Season 7 Episodes 5 and 6

Finally it is starting to look good!

smallville s07e05

Episode 5 summary:

There's the movie version of Warrior Angel being filmed in Smallville and Clark is on hand to save the star actress when her vehicle goes out of control - now Clark has to find out who is behind the plot to kill of the lead woman in the film. Seems someone was not happy about the way the comic story was changed to make a happy ending in the film and wants to correct it himself!

Meanwhile we see Lionel for the first time this season (conscious, I mean) and he is being held captive on Luthorcorp land! Seems Lana forged the purchase of the land in order to keep Lionel locked up as punishment for making her go through with her wedding to Lex.

Lionel frees himself from his shackles (see gruesome detail in photo above) but is then rescued by Lex. However distrust still runs deep between the pair.

Interestingly Clark gets Warrior Angel's cape as a present at the end, but he chooses to leave it tied to the fence - possibly a sign that he has not excepted his fate yet.

smallville s07e06

Episode 6 Summary;

We start the episode seeing a flashback of Zor-El sending Kara to Earth while they are at war with General Zod (I think), Kara dreaming wakes up in the air in front of an oncoming plane and misses it just it time. But this news gets to the papers when the pilot believes he saw a missile in the Washington area. Jimmy confesses that Kara found out that the Government owned the labs that Clark and Lois raided to try and find Kara's spaceship.

Doing a little influencing Kara seduces one of the lab technicians from the Department of National Security (or what ever it's called) and breaks into the lab to find that the crystal she is after is missing.
She triggers some alarms and runs off, after she and Jimmy hack into the Government systems and find that Lex's company had been at the lab earlier.

She goes to his Mansion only to be confronted by the Government agent who uses Kryptonite handcuffs to restrain her and puts Lex on ice while he takes her away.

Using some technology from Summerholt institute the agent is able to get Kara to replay her memories. She re enacts her visit to Earth to see Lara, she reveals she is pregnant with Jor-El's child, and that she will leave it with the Kent Family as recommended by Jor-El, Kara names the baby Kal-El. Zor-El bursts in and tells Kara to go home, then it's revealed that both brothers - Zor-El and Jor-El - were after the same woman. Zor-El wants Lara to stay on Earth and rule with him, when she declines he reveals that her DNA is already in a Crystal waiting to be reborn after Krypton dies (See Zor-El and Lara is picture above).

Kara bursts in and Zor-El wipes her memory clean with some device, this section is also witnessed by Clark when he tries to save her and shares her dream for a moment.

Lana meanwhile opens the Iris foundation, who are reaching out to help the meteor infected - a cover up for her spying on LuthorCorp.

Clark reveals a hidden photo of Lara to Lana and also reveals the crystal that Kara is looking for and explains her mother's DNA is within this crystal!

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