Monday, November 12, 2007

Prison Break Season 3 Episode 7

Wow, what can I say???
prison break s03e07

The fight between Michael and Whistler is all a set up to get everyone out in the courtyard while the 2 make their escape. Whistler's Girlfriend turns on Lincoln the moment she notices something is not quite right, while Lincoln has Sucre monitoring the meeting point to make sure LJ is safe.

Schofield and Whistler start breaking out of the cell on the 2nd floor via a rope ladder, but some cloud cover ruins their distraction method and they have to hurry back inside.

The guards notice something is wrong and they find one guard has been drugged and also spot the rope ladder which has fallen back out the window while Schofield and Whistler are left with no choice but to duke it out in the courtyard.

Schofield's timely demise is saved by the police sirens going off in the prison - the guards and riot police come storming in and line everyone up in the courtyard. Meanwhile Sucre puts his life on the line to stop the Company getting away with LJ again and crashes his car into their van.

Lincoln catches up with them and shouts the driver and bodyguard and gets the woman agent by the hair (see picture above), but there's a 3rd man who had LJ at gun point. Seeing as killing the woman wouldn't save LJ, Lincoln is frustrated but begs them to let Michael try again.

Meanwhile someone takes responsibility for the attempted breakout and gets shot by the General, who also puts doubt in Patrone's ability to control the prisoners. Patrone gets hold of Schofield and lets him know that he wants him to break him out too!

Agent Mahone becomes agitated by the long wait for his trial (seems he needs his "fix") and becomes aggressive to the point he is put into handcuffs again.

Schofield returns to see Whistler conversing with the company agent!

What next for Schofield and co, so many mini conspiracies and absolutely 0 trust now between all the merry men in Schofield's gang...

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