Friday, November 09, 2007

PS2 Memor32 Chips

Mod chips are getting easier!

Groups are slowly finding ways to bypass the MagicGate encryption system on the PS2 Memory card slots. By using updated DVD software (which installed to a PS2 memory card as the PS2 did not feature upgradable firmware) as a base to understand the signing process for the memory cards, Memor32 acts as gateway and allows users to upload unsigned code to execute from the memory card.

PS2 Backup games do need to be burned as fake DVD movies (IE need to have a DVD Video files on the disk to trick the PS2 into excepting the disk (used to be able to that with Data CDs - tricking the PS2 by making them with Audio tracks)) but then using the unsigned executables to boot the games...

More on this as it develops and also the potential for a free version..

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