Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bleach 151-152 Summary

We get some Bankai Action!

bleach 152

Ichigo engages in his fight with Fallen Espada Dordonii, who makes light work of Ichigo when he releases his Zanpakutou and wants Ichigo to release his Bankai and fight him at full strength.

It's only when Nel gets sucked into the fight does Ichigo release his Bankai and then Dordonii attacks Nel some more to get him to unleash his hollow powers.

Ichigo wants that he will only see it for a second and it proves right when he beats him with only one hit.

They try to help the downed Dordonii with Nel's healing spit (lol) but Dordonii only gets ready to fight back.

Nice to see just pure fighting for most of this episode even if it was just Ichigo getting whacked around!


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Anonymous said...

Although i like all bleach episodes and have seen this one also.ichigo is the best i found in most of the bleach episodes.