Sunday, December 16, 2007

Smallville Season 7 episode 9 Summary

The messy filler like episode...

smallville s7ep9

Seems Clark disappeared for 2 days at the end of the last episode and now he is back and wants Lana to open up and reveal everything she has on Lex and project Psion. Meanwhile the bulk of this episode is made up of badly written and badly acted story of a stalker who contacts Louis forcing her to write his story about Luthorcorp, threatening her that if she fails to cooperate he will kill Chloe.

The story that he is trying to expose was that he was a clone made in Lex's labs and he was an inferior specimen (since he is rapidly aging), but when Louis confronts the Chief Editor (Grant or Julian) we discover that both this stalker and Grant are clones.

Clark saves Chloe from the bomb in her purse and she exposes her truth about her meteor powers to Jimmy and even demonstrates her healing powers to him.

We hear again how Milton Find is probably back thanks to the liquid in the last two episodes. But more serious is that fact the Clark in this episode was bizarro Clark while the real Clark is still imprisoned in the Fortress!

Smallville will be on the writer's strike and will be off till Jan 08 somepoint.

This episode didn't get me excited much, just that scene at the end (see picture) was the highlight.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah that last scene got me too! :O

vijay said...

I have seen most of the smallville episodes and this one thing i have noticed about your blog that your presentation here is wonderful.