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Bara no nai Hanaya - J Drama preview

Finally I have something to bring you in 2008!

Bara no nai Hanaya ep1

D-Addicts Wiki page

Hard subbed by Love song (LS)


Shiomi Eiji is forced to become a single father when his girlfriend passes away while giving birth to their daughter, Shizuku. Desolate after the loss of the woman he loved, Eiji has little time or desire to even consider remarrying, working part-time jobs just to make ends meet. The one thing that gives meaning and joy to his life is Shizuku, but even that begins to trouble him when Shizuku begins acting strange, hiding her face by putting a cloth over her head when around other people.

One day after opening his flower shop, Eiji comes across a blind woman standing by the door, taking shelter from the rain. When he invites her to come inside the shop, she at first refuses, but later gives in to Eiji's kindness. They become intimate friends and she slowly grows to depend on Eiji's sincerity and good heartedness. After rescuing her a following evening when she walks into the street and is nearly struck by traffic, Eiji himself inexplicably discovers the cold of winter that has saddled his heart all these years slowly melting away... " - D-addicts Wiki entry.

Katori Shingo plays Shiomi Eiji (Saiyuuki)
Takeuchi Yuko plays Shirato Eiji (Lunch no Joou, Style, Pride)
Matsuda Shota is Kudo Naoya (Hana Yori Dango, Liar Game)
Yagi Yuki is Shiomi Shizuku

Yuko Chan is back! She plays a blind woman who accepts some help from the big hearted Eiji, but she seems to sense a lack of compassion from Eiji and wants him to forget his late wife and go out with her. Later in the first episode its revealed that she is in fact a nurse and is under orders from a superior to infiltrate Eiji's life and destroy him, how will this unfold - would Eiji ever find out?

Yuko still retains her elegance and looks but goes well with Shingo and the quick and witty dialogue suits the style of the show.

I was surprised to see Matsuda Shota in this series playing the bit part player of someone down on his luck and forced to leave his girlfriend and convinces Eiji to let him stay a while.

Point of interest is the young child Yuki, she plays her part well with strong delivery of her lines and solid acting, coupled with the fact she looks a bit like the deceased mother all adds to an interesting character.

The drama moves at a steady pace (apart from the intro which moves through (rather well made I might add) about 7-8 years of the father and child's life. Lines are good and the acting is pretty good throughout, the camera work is no slouch either with some fine night time shots and atmospheric shots during the raining scenes.

So far there are 2 episodes hard subbed by Love Song, I look forward to this show and the kind of stories that might evolve!

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Hung said...

4 eps so far and i'm loving it. the lead actress is really good. the SMAP guy is kinda surprising to me, didn't think he'd be that convincing :)