Monday, March 10, 2008

Lack of updates

Series cut short, others finished but nothing that exciting.

Dear all,

I apologise for the obvious lack of updates, seems I have lost all will the blog at the moment after seeing Prison Break and Terminator series cut short (13 and 9 episodes respectively), Smallville only showing 2 episodes this years, and a lack of quality hard subs for Japanese Dramas.

There has been some light though, LIFE subbed by SOS is moving along at a better pace, and Hanayome wa Yakudoshi has been finished, so expect a review soon.

I haven't progressed at all with Bara no nai Hanaya and One Pound Gospel is a bit too light weight to appeal to me at the moment (9 episodes in the series).

Naruto has been sooooo slow this season - they still haven't got to Sasuke after 49 episodes, while Bleach is charging towards the end of it's story arc.

Maybe Heroes will be back soon? Maybe there will be some good dramas this upcoming season?

Expect reviews for Security Police and possibly Nodame Special - look out for Proposal Diasakusen special in the Spring!

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