Sunday, June 01, 2008

J-Drama Summary Coin Locker Monogatari

Talk about strange!

coin locker monogatari ep1 
Kojima Haruna (Singer from AKB48 and also in Yamada Taro Monogatari) stars as Hayama Miki.

"Miki, a high school student, has a secret involving a coin locker."

That says it all, Miki - a spitely high school girl -hangs out at the lockers at Shijuku Station, hanging around and always having her eye on locker 56. She even starts helping the station manager so she can sleep in his office at nights. 1st episode she chases a university professor with a fetish for female students, 2nd episode she helps an idol who is leading a double life.

There are only 4 episodes in the series so her secret will be out soon, but a strange and pretty easy going drama is about 20 minutes each episode so this is worth a watch in between all the other 45 minute long dramas...

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where will i be able to watch this from??? :)
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