Sunday, June 01, 2008

J-Drama Summary Puzzle Episode 1

Tis the season for one word titles - Puzzle, Rookie, Battery, Change...

puzzle ep01 
Wiki Entry @ D-Addicts

"Misako Ayukawa, a woman in her 30s, is an English teacher with ironically poor English skills. She values herself over her students, and money over love. She displays arrogance in front of her students, but acts pleasantly around her peers and family.
However, Ayukawa possesses a brilliant mind for solving puzzles. She ends up tackling various cases around the school along with 3 of her top students"
Wiki Entry.

Ishihara Satomi (H2, N's Aoi) stars as Ayukawa Misako.

Satomi is usually portrayed as a ditzy innocent young woman, but her she plays the role of a early 30's hopeless Substitute English teacher who is like cute and candy on the outside but to her students she is cold and hoarse. Makes you wonder which of her persona's and voices is the real deal?

That is the highlight of the show is Satomi's "anti" personality and the way she bullies her students around (much taller than her too).

Unfortunately the Japanese language being as complex as it is, doesn't make for understanding how they solve some of the word games easy.

The way they go about trying to solve the puzzles is hilarious and makes for a enjoyable show. I look forward to seeing more of it and it's being subbed by Querbeet who did Security Police so should be some prompt releases.

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