Thursday, January 25, 2007

Counter Strike Source : Dedicated Server

I decided to attempt to install SRCDS on my Linux server (that's SouRCe Dedicated Server for those out of the loop).

I found it pretty straight forward, but this is for LAN use first I haven't got any expectations to open it up to the Internet, maybe to local friends etc.

Here are some useful HOW TOs to try out, only thing I had issues with was the Mani Admin plugin which wouldn't start.

But on the How to site:

There is a post near the bottom explaining how to fix the start up issue:

"manith - You need to create the vdf file. To do so, open your text editor and copy and paste the following lines over to it:

“file” “~/srcds_l/cstrike/addons/mani_admin_plugin”

Save that as mani_admin_plugin.vdf in the directory /home/username/srcds_l/cstrike/addons
That should allow Mani to work, and then pressing ‘p’ should work too.

Tolerance - See the Installation->Configuration->Sounds section of the Mani documentation. "

I managed to get owned by the CS Bots on the server :-(
My CS l33t cousin is on his way down tomorrow, time for some deathmatch me thinks!

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彭文 said...

all you need now is an online version and then i will install cs on my lappy