Monday, January 08, 2007

Hana Yori Dongo Returns and more!

Yes that is Correct!

HYD returned with season 2 last Friday with a 2 Hour special!
Hanazawa Rui and Makino go to New York to visit Domoyoji!

I hope there will be a Soft/Hard Subtitled version out in the next week or so. When there is expect a full review!

In the mean time I have watched the great Dragon Zakura (a great GTO themed drama), Gokusen 2 (not really worth my time).

I am currently following Akihabara@Deep (hard subbed by Love Song) and IWGP (Ikebukuro West Gate Park, subbed by Sars) which are both good comedy with a bit of detective story behind them.

I was watching Yamato Nadeshiko which is a story about a women who originally is poor and is only happy with wealth. She goes on a group date and one of the men pretends to be a wealthy surgeon. Lots of humorous lies and deceit made this an interesting watch, but a shame that Mognet who are doing the Hard subbing have only managed 3 episodes thus far and there are no Raws and Soft subs to go by.

Another piece of news, the Bunto/Filler Story of Bleach is Finally over!
That's right from about episode 65 till 109 we have had to hold back our anger - but towards the last 10 or so the action was alot better.

Episode 109 was a summary of everything thus far and ushered in the new arc. Grab episode 110 which is airing on Wednesday I think.

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