Thursday, January 25, 2007

Prison Break: Worth the wait? Other TV Series

The 2nd half of Prison Break 2 (or Prison Break Season/Series 2) began on Monday.

Initial reaction was "That didn't just happen? How is Lincoln going to clear his name now?" and after mulling over it with my cousin the reason I didn't like this episode too much was there was too much location/story hopping.

One minute you are with Michael and Lincoln and the next you are with Agent Mahoney and then off to see T Bag, and then and then...

There is little chance to appreciate the atmosphere or the scene due to the fact each take last less then 5 minutes.

I can only hope the season starts to slow down and perhaps a good half of an episode (non stop) is dedicated to one person's adventures and not to 8-9 different sub plots.

In the mean time I finished watching Kekkon Dekinai Otoko (The Man who cannot get married) which is a comedy based around a 40 year old architect Kuwano Shinsuke (played by Abe Hiroshi - the lead in Dragon Zakura and also in Narita rikon)who is a perfectionist and finds the idea of having a partner a burden and considers it to be in his best interests to be single.

That is until he meets up with Hayasaka Natsumi (Natukawa Yui) who works as a doctor at the local hospital/walk in surgery who is 35 and has failed to find her partner and is totally unlady like in her interests and behavior towards our lead man.

They both are insanely rude to each other and get their kicks by putting the other down, which makes for some crazy arguments and fights.

The series shows Shinsuke's feelings and ideals slowly change under the influence of those around him, but will he ever get married?

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Series Updates!
Akihabara@DEEP has finally been completed! Although the full ending will only be available in the DVD version, also there is a special to be translated in the future!

IWGP has had episode 9 released by SARS today! What will happen to Makio?

I started to watch Tatta Hitotsu no Koi (Just one love), it stars the two of the best young actors out there in Japan - Kamenashi Kazuya (Sappuri, Gokusen 2 and member of KAT-TUN) and Ayase Haruka (Sekai no Chuushin, Byakuyakou) in a Cinderella (but with the guy being the poor person) type scenario based in Yokohama. This is cool to watch in HD (720p) because the scenery is great and of course Ayase is worth watching! I have seen episodes 1 and 2, but further watching is restricted till I free up space on my hard drives...
Time to buy some more storage me thinks or crack open my USB mybook to try and swap in a larger hard drive. Man J-TV has filled 90% of my 320GB drive!!

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