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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e - Summary

hanazakari no kimitachi e ep2

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Extract from Wiki:

"Horikita Maki (Teppan Shojou Akane, Kurosagi, Nobuta wo Produce) plays a Japanese girl (Ashiya Mizuki)in the U.S. who one day sees the young athlete Sano Izumi played by Oguri Shun(Hana Yori Dango) compete in the high jump on television. She begins to idolize him, and decides to move to Japan to attend the same school as him. However, Izumi goes to an all-boys school, so Mizuki disguises herself as a boy to achieve her dream of being with her idol."

Well, well, well. This is purely a school comedy of sorts, there is not much school either - poor Maki Chan she must be well embarrassed in this role, having her hair cut, no makeup, have to wear something to flatten her chest etc.

She disguised herself as a boy to get transferred into this all boys school which has everyone in dorms.

In the 1st episode everything went so quick, she got into the same dorm room as Sano kun, won a marathon to become popular and even have her identity revealed. I was left thinking maybe the story is moving too fast.

But in the 2nd episode Ashiya san is trying her best to convince Sano kun to return to his sport, while the school doctor who discovered Ashiya's real gender is actually supportive of her as long as it is to get Sano back into the track and field team.

I might grow to like this, it has humor and lots of well known actors and also trying to figure out why Maki Chan looks so strange!

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