Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hotaru no Hikari - Drama Summary

Hotaru no Hikari ep1

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Haruka Ayase (Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, Byakuyakou, Sekai...) stars as Hotaru Amemiya in this Manga adaptation.

This show starts off easy going, but you soon get an idea of Hotaru's character - even though she is in her 20s she has no interest in finding love and all her spare time is spent at home being lazy and messy. This all comes as a shock to the new home owner - her boss (Fujiki Naohito), who is forced out of his wife's home and comes to live here only to find the place a tip thanks to Hotaru "squatting" at his parent's home.

Hotaru's life starts to evolve when a new employee named Makoto (Kazuki Kato) comes back to the company after studying in London and develops a liking for her - you can see her reaction to getting a peck on the lips in the photo above!

The funniest point of the episode was when her boss finally decides to let Hotaru stay (considering he is still married etc) because she isn't from the female race! She has no traits from opposite gender, so he agrees to let her stay - calling her a "dried fish"!

This drama demands your attention with bold contrasting characters, conflicting life styles of Hotaru and her boss and her almost childish reaction to falling for the new boy at work (since it has been so long since she was last interested in a guy).

This is being hard subbed by DoReMi so don't expect it to be released as quick as say a soft sub, which is a shame as I clearly didn't get my fill from one episode - a must watch, but not in small doses!


Hung said...

She is hilarious. Love this show. Thought it would be boring at first but Amemiya makes you laugh during the episodes.

Fong said...

I love this show heaps!!!!! Still waiting for episode 10 (finale) to come out though .. it's taking so long! I hope she ends up with the manager ;)