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Papa to Musume no Nanokakan Episode 1

Papa to Musume no Nanokakan ep1

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Aragaki Yui stars as Kawahara Koume and 16 year old high school girl and her beleaguered father Kawahara Kyoichiro (played by Tachi Hiroshi).

The show starts off with the father lamenting the fact he cannot confirm his existence - his wife ignores him and his only child refuses to talk to him. One day on their way back from the home of Koume's grandmother the train stops in a tunnel and there is some sort of accident.

Only 3 people survive, 2 of which are the father and daughter but they soon realize when the wake up in hospital that they have switched bodies!

Now, I know there has been loads of US films about father & son or Mother & Daughter switching places but I don't think I have seen two different genders swap over?

The show is great with lots of detail paid to the characters inheriting their previous habits (Koume in her father's body - she talks like a girl, has girly actions and texts at lighting speed :-) and it is quite amusing to see them getting to grips with their new bodies, Koume tells her father to keep his legs together when seated, while her father has to prepare a whole book to help Koume get to work and full dossier on all his workmates!

Other bits of comedy are in bits like when they first need to go to the toilet or when they go for a bath (nothing 18 rated thank you).

Koume has to deals with issues at work like the customer who doesn't think highly of women and gets told off by Koume, while her father has a fatherly chat with the high school boy who is trying to run away from the responsibility of being a father.

Big notice is their dialect, Koume continues to talk girly in her father's body while her father talks slowly and surprisingly polite - much to the surprise of her school friends - so they have the challenge of trying to fit in to their surrounding environments too.

Big thing at the end of episode 1 is when Koume's father agrees to go on the date Koume had arranged over a week ago, but Koume can't trust him in her body so ends up trying to spy on him!

This series will grow on you, there is good humor and of course you get to see lots of Aragaki Chan on screen too - so it is a win win deal!

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