Saturday, July 14, 2007

Naruto Shippudden Episode 19 Summary

Sorry for the delay - but there isn't much to report on this one.

naruto shippuuden 19

As you know Team Gai are up against a new enemy - clones of themselves. This means Team Kakashi are left to take on the Akastu members themselves but even this is split further with the old granny and Sakura taking on the puppet master and Kakashi and Naruto going after the fellow with the model bombs who has the body of Gara.

There is nothing else to be said in this episode, only thing of interest is the new ending (screen above) which seems to be a story in a comic book fashion depicting life at a middle school where Naruto has just joined, the music is easy going and nothing to write home about.


it or not Naruto is taking yet another 2 week break - what the fu*k!

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