Wednesday, November 17, 2004


After much rambling with Ebuyer about their eReturns and also also their hopeless eNotes system
It was nice to see them backpedal and announce the fact they have massive problems and hope to have them sorted byXmas time!
I suppose a few calls and letters to Trading Standards never hurt :)
Heres what happened:
1. Bought Corsair Memory (Twinx1024MB 3200-LLPT LoLatencyPlaTinum) with lifetime warranty
2. One module has gone faulty, file a eReturn with eBuyer (about a year later)
3. Send memory back
4. They send me an inferior product (C2PT not LLPT)
5. I complain and send it back
6. They Credit the difference (about 50£) as a credit note (why?) and send it back again.
7. I refused delivery and specified that they give me a whole refund to my card as per the Distant Selling Act
8. They give me a full refund as a credit note (oh my god, they dont learn)
9. I email Trading Standards, and complain again.
10. I buy a XLPRO memory from them (more expensive) but lose out 20£ as it is more expensive from compared to

I was looking for UV LED Fans today, 99p at eBuyer, not bad...
Might pick up a new iron as well as my wifes always complaining about that cheap one they bought from Argos....

I got one splitting headache, was all the Budokai 3 I played last night,
Beat they game with Gohan (Adult), Maxed his health out and got his breakthrough,
Beat they game twice with Vegeta, Maxed his power out and got his breakthrough, first time I've ever seen his SSJ4!!
And Freiza's Brother...

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