Friday, November 19, 2004

Work, Work, Work

Well Friday is amongst us again...
Wenesday the finance team (which includes me) stayed late to process more legal files for billing this month as we are puching towards our friday deadline and we want to get maximum out of the current lot as possible.
Stayed over 3 hours and a very nice thin crust pizza from the red planet pizza shop.

Got home to see England get played and racially insulted off the park in Madrid, losing 1-0 to Spain.

Thursday more of the same, billing, billing, billing, we are on to 75,000£ 10Gs up from yesterday,
I get a short put deadly email from the CEO, he wants a meeting tomorrow to discuss a 'personell' issue....

Friday Im looking for Mini ITX stuff (anyone recommend anything?). The CEO postpones the meeting till tonight, but assures me it's something positive not negative (and that means?), well thats good. Billing starts to happen as poor Mohammed starts to enter the figures onto the online LSC Entry thingy, taking 3 hours to enter 5 sheets (he will be in this weekend!).
Well, I really want to get HalfLife 2 but I have to hold out till I get some real money

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