Friday, November 26, 2004

Well what a week!

Wow, the week has been VERY busy;
Tuesday, I was on my own for the morning and decided to get down to finish business with the laptops.
They are going to the Senior Solicitors, I dropped of one that was built by John to the first Solicitor - lo and behold it didnt connect! What a way to start off as an IT man...
I took my laptop to Solicitor #2 and It worked like a charm.
Took laptop #1 back upstairs and tried to get it to work, no luck so I left it to John.
Well in breif the wireless aspect of the network is the most advanced yet the most problematic, with the whole 1st floor WiFi'ed, the top floor is wired.
I learned that if it works dont touch it, and if we dont know what this option does leave it well alone, and keep trying to reconnect to the wireless network as its bound to work!
Main prorities for my new manager:
Get me my own KEY for the Server room! yey!
Get me my own Phone! and a cordless one too! yey!
Get me a newer PC! YES!!!
I have my own 2 direct outside lines now :-)
And a snazzy 17" monitor and WindowsXP.
Anyways Johns last day was wenesday, and Thursday all hell breaks loose as nothing is holding up, ending up with the main domain controller which controls printing freezing up due to lack of memory.
It needed to have the plug pulled and restart, LOL
Working on a variety of problems Thursday and Friday so I only just got time to post.
BTW the damn builder moved the TV and broke the PS2's network adapter (no hard drive games now), and the scart lead- curses!
So now PS2 this week till deliver it for £17.99 with free P&P.
Mind you that 45£ for the LOTR special edition Box Set out december will be fab.
The Electric fuse box is installed at home, washing machine works, and the downstairs heating.
And the Jacuzi! So the builder benefitted from the good old "pay him a home visit" to remind him that he might die at home if he tries to con us...
Man utd won convincingly (wow) 2-1 vs lyon to garuantee qualification to the next round.

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