Monday, November 22, 2004

Monday morning...

Well you know its monday when you have only had 6-7 hours sleep in the last 3 days...
Saturday was busy, went fung lung to buy a box of quick cook noodles, then went on to the high road and met up with my sister and shopped and had breakfast.
Got home and chilled, 'tried' to get my brother's PC that I was building to work...
No go :-(
Anyways football in the evening was a stonker, 7 vs 7 for 3 hours flat,
We looked firmly level when all of a sudden we fell behind by 4 goals, we got back in and won the game comfortably even only by 2 goals which didnt do it justice.

I was wisked away on a long journey to Burnley next day, which was a mission getting back from next day.

I found out the USA Version of DBZ:B3 differs to the PAL version.

Monday was back to work. I was tired and my new manager - John - didn't indicate when He will be in...
1:30 hours later we get down to business, I make notes while he briefs me on the network and IT infrastructure,
And I help out installing our custom laptop image to one of the new laptops.

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