Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Well I most frustrated last night,
I was playing DBZ:Budokai 3, and I was onto Adult Gohan Story Mode, But then I got stumped on the Super Buu fight,
He was just way to strong! You couldnt pull off a move without him dodging it mid way through.
After like 20 tries, I decided to go back and level up my player, I did about 10 level ups and was looking in fine form when the game froze! Damn it I didnt even save!

Well thats the perils of using a hard drive for games fr extended periods of time.

I went on to play WE8 (Winning Eleven 8 - Japanese Pro Evo 4), and got beat by Aston Villa, So I tried again and beat them then I got beat by Feyernood (no way) so I turned the PS2 off.

Im into season 2011, and my star players include some classics which Ive been growing since they turned pro:
De Stefano - Good Stamina (Classic)
Hugo Sanchez - Good Speed (Classic - But he was crap when I got him)
Bresi - Quick CB (Classic)
Beckanbuaer - Good CM (Classic - developed him from Sweeper)
Sakata - my top scorer since season 2005 (Japan Under21 squad)
Ronaldo - getting old
Martins - Useful but getting older
Buffon - aging abit

Not the explosive start this season but I need to settle into a regular first 11.

I got Karate tonight, Parv comes back so should be some fun!

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