Monday, May 29, 2006

6 Work days minus 1 day off sick equals 17 hours aday awake....

Well after a week of mayhem, I really am sad to be leaving Sit up channels after such a short term, but hey better to do it on a formally correct basis then a gross misconduct dismissal kind of way, at least that's what I think! Since as far as Sit up are concerned I cannot get any leave, and Adecco cant sort anything out so it is me who has to make the ultimate decision (although kudos to Alex at Adecco for not giving up trying!).

I managed to win the 1st Division and the WEFA Champions League (on WE10 or Pro Evo 6 to those slow people), and this time no one wants to buy any of my players (What??), and I end up releasing 4 of them and signing about 3 kids and one slightly oldish guy just to make up my numbers!

We finished the Win 2003 module this week and me and Dave came in on Wednesday (man I could use the day off...) to install all the disk images for the next module (2277c) which is about windows server 2003 network infrastructure. We got the new books and I tell you what, none of it is going into my head (its all theory and nothing about real life at all, that and the fact I keep falling asleep in class...)! I have been catching up by watching CBT Nuggets prep videos supplied by Vivek (thanks a bundle), and now I know how custom sub netting kinda works(doesn't mean I can do it though!), and some of that DHCP and DNS theory is starting to sink in.

Work has been a drag and only plus side was that we don't have a real team leader yet so the other team leaders were on training this week so we took it easy and happened to get shifted upstairs and downstairs on a regular basis (no sweat, means we have to spend 20 or so minutes logging in/out!).

Saturday came around and we had a decent game of football (we won 10-6), I twisted my knee badly when I saved one of Justin's only shots on target and my foot kind of "hyper extended" in a twisting motion kind of way. Does that make sense? Imagine that you keep your upper thigh dead rigid and straight, then twist your foot side to side or wiggle your foot around - it puts strain on your knee ligaments and mines are quite week from not going to karate now - my knee ligaments / tendons are in a painful way and not the first time too. Not to mention get slide tackled and kicked so many times I prefer not to mention it and kick some of their hides!

Beat Parv 4-0 with France (he was Czech rep), strangely it was 0-0 after 90 minutes and in extra time Henry and Zidane showed the world what Winning Eleven 10 is all about - finesse and total control, that and Parv quit the game with 4 minutes to go!

Watched Bleach episode 80 and 81 - finally this side tracking with the Bunto crap is finally getting a touch more exciting. I'm going to lend my Nadisco DVD to David to try and get him into more subtle and immersing animes then say Gundam Wing (I know many people will not like that comment!) and maybe convince him to watch Serial Experiments Lain (which me and my sister are watching at the moment again) and even maybe Inu Yasha! (yes maybe that is) Would be cool to convert another person into a InuYasha fan (first my sister then Parv and Zesh too) - ah the satisfaction of talking to someone who has come down to the same low level as you...

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