Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I Start a Damn "Call Centre" Job This week - Hurrah!

Been playing Winning Eleven 10 on 6 stars in the Master League.
I got hammered in my first season, only 2nd from bottom! In my 2nd, I managed to finish 2nd in the 2nd division to earn promotion to the 1st division. So far I have had the following fixtures in the 1st division:
Bayern Munich (V= I won), Bayer Leverkusen (V), Real Madrid (V), Roma (Loss), Man United (Draw), Liverpool (Loss), Inter Milan (D).
So I am about 6th in the league - not bad considering I have a tiny sqaud so I am playing my reserves half the time - and I havent even got to the cup matches yet!

Finally got our XP Course Manuals (official stuff) for the XP Module of the MCSA, looks a breeze but the Manual is a useless stand alone read - you need to use the CD and be physically doing the stuff on a PC so you can take it all in!

Went to Addecco on Monday at 1PM, which was a waste of time only spent 15 minutes there. Just found out the shift pattern is 6 days in a row (48 hours) and then 3 days off - Dammit!
The 3 days training is 1PM till 8:30PM and then 3 days off, next monday we start our proper 3-11:30pm shifts.

Started the Training on Tuesday and it was quite daunting till the last hour when one of the trainers actually showed us a call and then we realised how easy it was! Stuff the documentation and the manuals they give you - you just follow some of the script and the general flow of the call is damn easy!

Wednesday was interesting - At JTG the couple who are there were having a typical couple's tiff, and at the Call Centre Job we did loads of live phone calls and some more cramming information and procedures into our heads for a final written test tomorrow! 3 of the guys did 16 seconds of rapping (our whatever you call it) and they were damn good! One of them writes lyrics and does good there and then stuff and has a good vocabulary. The kind of discussions and arguments these guys get into is really crazy! One guy was 30 mins late, in this place if you are late 3 times you get sacked!

The place is good fun working in and the guys are fun and it is easy money - just a tad monotonous or repetative so to speak. I am just worried about the return time - takes over an hour at 8:30 - what will it be like at 11:30PM??

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