Thursday, May 04, 2006

Some Progress

We Started (or Semi Started) the XP section of the course. Me and Viveq are coming in tomorrow (rest of the classes are cancelled) to install XP Pro on all the machines.

Supposedly someone from Microsoft is also coming down for a visit/inspection (Hint hint) so we cant come in jeans and t-shirt like I was originally planning to.

I got to teach Tej how to wire a RJ 45 cable, and he went on to teach all the others - which made my day worthwhile.

Had an interview at Morgan Spencer and Pell & Bales for their Charity Fund Raiser call centre positions - was nice to go back to their Old Street Office and check things out, but seems I let my self down on the role playing tests.

I got home and thought I would give Alex a call (from Adecco), seems there was no shortlist so I start on Tuesday! Wicked, but training on Monday and Tuesday starts at 1PM (which I cannot physically make so I will point that out to them).

Parv was back yesterday, and he was impressed at the power of the Pound vs the Dollar, which currently is about 1.86 Dollars to a Pound - which is a 3 year high by my reckoning.

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