Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Last Weekend

My day at JTG setting up the network and the virtual PCs:
Me, Viveq(k) and some guy called David from the afternoon class went about wiring up all the HP machines we had in the classroom.
Setting up the router and getting the network working. We installed Virtual PC and copied over the base virtual machine files needed for this module,
we also set up user accounts for the morning and afternoon sessions.

Why this took from 9am till 4pm to accomplish really beats me, considering when I was at Noden I had 2 hours to shut down all the servers,
move them and rewire them, upgrade them and all sorts on my own on a bloody Saturday!

Pell and Bales turned me down *no warmth and emotion*??:
Self explanatory really - when you are told to read a script only bloody news readers can fake it and not sound abit drone.

So I am expecting that women who interviewed me must be looking for a young female or some south African/Australian person that usually litters the Pell and Bales call centres.

Picked up my Bro from Terminal 3 his flight was 3 and a half hours late

Parv came over and we played Winning Eleven 10:
What can I say, the game physics are improved - in the air ball work is better.
Stronger players don't give up without a really tussle which is nice.
International teams are now Licensed - such as England, Holland, Argentina etc.

On Parv's Laptop he installed XP Pro on Parallel software, he tried Linux but it was waste of time :)

Somehow after installing a pirate XP Pro on his emulator his Mac book Pro and
every thing started to become dis functional - I WONDER WHY, Hmmmmm :)

Crap football match, got beaten so bad I have forgotten the score! I got a bit pissed off that everyone wasn't taking me seriously when it came to paying up,

and because I was left so short I wont be booking the pitch next Saturday so they can sort it out themselves.

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