Monday, May 22, 2006

Off Sick - Last week's Summary

Notice: The wonderful Fa Cup final last Saturday - a must watch for anyone who missed it.

We started course the Server 2003 book last week, we needed to finish it also the same week but since we are so damn slow in this class we ran over to this Monday and Still haven't finished it!!

I used the E-Learning Microsoft voucher on their site and did modules 8-10 on it and noticed some scary differences - the fact some info is on this e learning course and not in the book and vice versa. I took the assessment and failed badly with 62% which was good considering the question where so hard, I immediately ordered some book off Amazon so help my revision!

Started work proper on the Sunday last week and boy it drains you out! 3pm till 11:30pm getting home about 1am! We did 4 days last week with 3 days off and then starting again this Sunday.

Alex tells me I may have problems getting leave for my exchange module - might have to say bye bye for this job already! I am sure we can come to some conclusion in a professional manner...

Main highlight last week was watching Arsenal lose to Barcelona at work while attending to calls! Good fun that day!

Been feeling sick since Saturday - I had a hair cut on Friday (and as a classmate said "someone shaved off allot of hair!") which is usually not an issue in the summer but the current weather is cold and rainy so my stomach starts to feel abit strange - mainly means I need to get to a toilet ASAP! So I missed work today, which is ironic as I was ok in class (cos its so damn hot in that classroom) and as soon as I step outside my stomach starts talking!

Well at least its given me a chance to post this. Hopefully we will start out network infrastructure class tomorrow or Wednesday.

Oh, and I finished 2nd in my 1st season in the division 1 on Winning Eleven 10, a shame I didn't have the funds (or attraction) to buy any decent players.
So the same old scrap next season then!

Me and my cousin had to pass up the chance to get season tickets for Manchester United - Nooooooooooo! Simply cause we couldn't afford them! (minimum is about 600 to about 800 pounds) We couldn't find any one to share our tickets with! Hopefully when I am working proper I can get a season ticket next time (fingers crossed)!

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Parvez said...

Sajid. Your English has completely gone down the drain. Please take more care. Good Blog though.