Saturday, February 24, 2007

Champions League roundup

I know I don't blog much about the footballing world but this week was so good that it was worth breaking my silence.

Following the craziness that was Lille vs Man United, I decided to watch the Barcelona v Liverpool match because not only are Barca worth watching at any time but Liverpool are my favorites to spoil anyone's party in europe especially away from home (Arsenal are a close second).

Liverpool displayed immovable away form to win the Champions League back in 2005 and Barcelona were the irresistible form on their way to the 2006 Champions League title so this was going to be a blockbuster.

And sure as hell it was, Liverpool did the job of containing Barca for 80 odd minutes and beating them in their own back yard - kudos to the scousers.

I am of course a long time Manchester United fan, and I won't be giving the Liverpool any more credit until after we play them at Anfield in a week's time. After that I will sit down and watch Barca attack like never before when they visit Liverpool to try and overturn their 2-1 deficit from the home leg.

Here was a nice Nou Camp photo I found on flickr from bcnsimpson

Nou Camp before the match

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