Friday, February 16, 2007

Small Anime update for this week

Got through the first 10 or so episodes of Tsubasa Chronicle, and the basically our main guy - Syaoran who takes part in historical digs in the path of his deceased father and there is his childhood sweetheart Princess Sakura. Fate takes a turn for the worst and Sakura loses her soul and her memories in the form of "feathers" across different dimensions. In order to keep Sakura alive and return her to her former self Syaoran takes her on a journey to recover them and is joined up by Fai and Kurogane who have arrived in the same world due to alternate fates.

The story follows the team as they recover all the feathers from a certain dimension before they are allowed to move onto the next - which means it is impossible to get bored of the surrounding and the characters since they are constantly changing - this might be a challenge in terms of character development, we will have to wait and see.

On another note Bleach is up to episode 114 in Japan and Ichigo is reunited with Rukia, Renji and co in his home town as they prepare for their next fight with the Arrancar. Rukia reveals that she knows about Ichigo's fear about his inner Hallow and if he wishes to stop it gaining possession over him then he will have to gain more strength in order to crush it. Toshiro fears that if Eizen has assembled 10 or more of these "captain class" Menos and converted them to Arrancar then it is more then likely the Soul Society will fall. In the final scene Eizen reveals that there are possibly 20 such Menos already assembled!

An interesting and well maintained site I spotted today was Do As Infinity ::Do the Web:: who have info on Do As Infinity who did a few ending tracks to Inuyasha. They also have a separate site for Tomika Van and her solo exploits. There is also a online player to preview any of DOI's tracks and even links to DOI material on Yes Asia's Shopping site.

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