Saturday, February 10, 2007

Latest update for the whole week

Well sorry if the last 2 updates were long, I have been ill since Monday so I was unable to post - well that and I got my OEM copy of Vista Ultimate edition along with my WD 500GB SATA Raid Edition drive and also a 2GB Corsair Flash USB drive (should help alleviate the fact I only have 1GB of Ram for Vista, you can use USB FLASH drives as a "smart cache" to replace the use of disk swap space).

mobile camera 130WD 500GB REVista Ultimate Edition OEM

So while I was sick I went about doing a separate install for Vista on my new upgraded D: drive....
It installed OK no issues, but XP didn't boot...

Now I am almost back to fully operational with XP, and almost recovered from the flu too.

Not to mention heavy snow fall on Thursday Morning (yes snow in London?)

Snow in London

Recently I started watching a new J-Drama called Style! Yes this is a drama which has the most useless story/background ever.

The main lead is a man who gets his way with women and is extremely good at his job in the commercial dept of a department mega store called "Harrys". His transfer to New York falls through when he woos the wrong women (the daughter of one of the major investors in the business) and he ends up being in charge of a project which was originally his brain child - the personal shopper project. He is put in charge of a bunch of individuals from around the store and even one person off the street.

The cast is pretty light and easy on the eye, it is great to see Yuko Takeuchi (Lunch no Joou) as she adds nice comic humor.

I am going to watch this series, it's great to see all the women bicker and team up against the lead male.


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