Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tsubasa Chronicle and other series tid bits

I am into season 2 of Tsubasa (Episode 27 and beyond is season 2), and am starting to enjoy it. More and more time is being spent in each world and character development is doing very well despite my original fears.

The lead Syaoran has something dark in his past which the story line seems to be avoiding for the moment, while Princess Sakura as quickly come to life and towards the end of Season 1 she was pulling her wait and adding to the show and at the start Season 2 she is taking a lead role when a race sponsor's president decides that Sakura is the right role model to take part in her race.

Incidentally this president's name is Tomoyo which clashes unmistakably with Card Captor Sakura and it clicked to me when she wanted to a costume for Sakura's final race:

Tsubasa Chronicle Sakura Tomoyo

I took this shot to draw distinct similarities between Tsubasa Chronicle Season 2 episode 1 and Card Captor Sakura, in which Sakura does the action hero and Tomoyo does the filming and the wardrobe work for Sakura.
Alas they hit similar roles in an alternate universe in Season 2 of Tsubasa Chronicle.

Tsubasa Chronicle Sakura Tomoyo 2

Well I am downloading the rest of Season 2 (which is not licensed by the way) and I have high hopes for it. I will keep you updated.

Smallville is taking a break till mid March and this next episode IS the big one - Lex Luthor and Lana Lang's Marriage! Will Clark intervene (will he even show up!) or will Lana realize that Lex is pulling the wool over her eyes? Or is it finally going to end and will Chloe get a change with Clark? Who knows, but I can't wait.

Prison Break is available from about 3:30am GMT today so will be worth the wait guys!

Meanwhile I have been catching up with Inuyasha the manga.
It has reached about chapter 490 and in December celebrated 10 years of Inuyasha! Shame the Anime stopped in 2003 (4 years),

the plot has progressed quit a fair bit and a few characters have died on the way too.

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