Sunday, February 04, 2007

Weekly Drama review

Sars funsubs have outdone themselves and released 3 episodes of Ikebukuro West Gate Park or IWGP for short.

That completes the series which I class as drama with abit of murder and mystery rolled in. The main character Nagase Tomoya (My Boss My Hero and from the band TOKIO) as Makoto Majima portrays a guy in his late teens spending most of his life on the streets hanging out with his gangster friends and getting by without having to earn any money at all.

He meets some new individuals in the first episode which leads to the death of his new girlfriend and thrusts him into a spiraling murder mystery which concludes in the final episode where you really feel for him as he ends up losing everything along the way.

Another drama I am going to start downloading more of is HOTMAN which is a family drama starring Sorimachi Takashi as Furiya Enzo - who needs no introduction really (GTO, Cheap Love and Sengoku Jieitai). His mother happened to have kids from three/four other marriages and when she passes away and leaves her house and money to her eldest son Enzo he does the fatherly thing and provides shelter for his mother's other children too. That makes him the head of the household and also makes for complicated personal relationships with his "family". There are roles for lovely Yada Akiko (Last Christmas, Top Caster) as Kaneko Misuzu and also the cute Ichikawa Yui (Kurosagi, H2) as Furiya Hinata and even a later appearance of Sawajiri Erika (1 liter of tears, Taiyou no Uta). The episodes usually span about a week each and reveal allot about personalities of the individuals and also the shortcomings of the family. Well worth watching (there is also a series 2 out too) although the subbed version is a low quality VCD version so if anyone spots a better English subbed version please let me know.

Smallville episode 13 was out today - a valentines special! Sounds corny I know, but there are some real plot twists and turns.
And FINALLY Clark starts to tell Lana and Lex just how he feels about the whole Clark x Lana x Lex thing after he gets a dose of red kryptonite! Also a bizarre pairing of Louis and Clark!

Prison Break episode 15 (I think) was really something! Just when you thought that they had to run out of ideas when Terrence Steadman killed himself they unload a bomb onto the "Company"s doorstep! Will Kellerman be swayed by the Presidents sweet talk? Wait and see...

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