Tuesday, April 18, 2006

And so it begins...

Today was the day it starts - my MCSE course that is.

I arrived well too early at James Thorton, 8:35 to be exact, after waiting till 9:20 we got called into a room full of new monitors, keyboards and mice etc.

We were handed out travel forms for applying for student discount on travel and also told we can reclaim any travel cost at the end of the month.

What I didnt like was the fact once you get your MSCA and go on a outplacement, in the evenings you have to do E-Learining, I thought it was all instructor led! Not nice. Although the labs are open and instructors are present - so I can easily pop down here to get some help.

Also I didnt like was that the hours for training in the MSCA module is going to stay at 9-1pm, which is alot different for 9-5pm!

I did like the fact you get student discount and an ID card, you also get A+ training material for which you are encouraged to go for the A+ exam which is not included and therefor not paid for by JTG (James Thornton Group).

We finished early (10am) and I headed to HSBC and then home. Started job hunting (now I can look for afternoon jobs as well as evening ones).

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