Thursday, April 13, 2006


Yesterday Me and Parv left early to go to Adecco.

The woman there was quite rude and stuck up, claiming Parv's G5 Mac Mini was too slow to handle Adecco's website.
He eventually conceded and used their PCs to register.
She was rude to me too when I wanted to search their vacancies with someone. I eventually got seen to by Alex he spent an hour getting my file sorted out, I had to take a typing test and a general work ethic questionnaire!

After that me and Parv had some Greggs (nice sandwiches there) here at a clearing by a Church off Chiwick High Road.

After I got home I left straight for a game of football. Somehow we managed a 4 hour game!
I was tired after that, missed Karate and watched Middlesborough make the FA Cup semi final by beating Charlton FC 4-2 in a exciting game.

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