Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thursday and Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Google released an online Ajax and RSS/iCal compatible Calendar.

Me and Parv spent the good part of 3 hours trying to see if it work directly with either iCal (OSX) or Sunbird (XP) .

Didnt work with either, for some silly reason you need to export your calendar and import it into the other application and visa versa.

I mean didnt anyone ever heard of Sync'ing? I want a calendar I can work on with my desktop, and then sync it so I have it when I log into someelse's machine.

I give this a 3 out of 5 since it is a nice app, and it works well - just not with everything else - except RSS and iCal READERS - not much good with iCal Apps.

Me and Parv went up to Taste today and had a pizza lunch - Must make a mental note not to order more then 1 9" pizza...

Uploaded some pictures to my Flickr account and used Picasa to touch up the mobile phone pictures - very good work too!

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