Monday, April 17, 2006

The Easter Weekend

Had a right royal laff with my cousins over the weekend.

Saturday night we had a Monopoly Finale - My sisters were eager to take revenge for the beating handed out by my older cousin sister.

Some how I must have had bad luck - I was in jail for most of the start - so I only bought Mayfair and Vine Street.

I some how wheeled and dealed to get Park lane too - completing that set. And paid 1500Pound for all 4 Stations.

From then on I blew everyone away! Good fun!

Monday we had a game of Football at Vale Farm - 12PM till 3PM. We had a 6vs6 match up which saw us fall behind 6-1 in the first hour.

We managed to turn the game around and won 10-9 with me bagging a goal for myself.

Some how I wasnt too effected by the football - no injuries and so forth. I had a nap and then had a shower and I was still OK.

Went downstairs and then all of a sudden my left knee just gave in! Like it had been sprained or bruised or something.

Strange, the effects started to wear out by the evening - but this has me worried that my knee can just play up like this.

I will have to keep an eye on it in future.

I start my MCSE Training tomorrow at James Thorton Group in Hammersmith - I hope its good, I have had bad training experiences in my time trust me!

I took a mock exam on a MCSE exam site and only got 3 wrong! Not bad.

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